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Your help is needed for the launching and maintaining of,

We have created a safe place where people can voice their opinions, peacefully, thoughtfully and without fear of being censored or punished.

The right to voice your opinion is a hallmark of the United States.

This is not a clone or a simple messaging service or blog. (“TFN”) is an encrypted full-blown social media platform loaded with terrific features., hosted on multiple private servers, and free from the reach of Big Tech/Politicians. You have the ability to send secure encrypted messages, and make voice, and video calls.

What TFN will do

TFN will support your opinions and conversations made in a peaceful and non-threatening way.

TFN will protect your right to assemble online.

TFN will never censor you or curtail your online presence or postings.

What TFN will not do:

TFN will never track your cell phone.

TFN will not track your online presence.

TFN will never sell your information.


This is not a dream or a desire. The project is 90% built. Funds are required to move it forward to fruition., for the software and the servers need to handle the anticipated volume of user.

Please treat everyone with respect and follow the “Golden Rule” axiom to “Treat others just as you want to be treated”. Your help is needed in funding this project promoting this project and getting users to adapt to our platform.

Donate what you can. From the bottom of the heart it is greatly appreciated,

To Support our Network on Go Fund Me Click Here!